Welcome back, Roney

We are excited that our lead Professor, Roney Edler Barroso Da Silva, is back on the mats after shoulder surgery.  With our recent growth, we thought it would be a good time to re-introduce him to our students.

Professor Roney hails from Ceará, Brazil, and has been in the United States for a year and a half. He is an enthusiastic teacher.  He pays attention to details and enjoys encouraging his students and seeing them evolve.  Here are some other interesting facts about Roney:

Hometown:  Roney Edler is from the state of, Ceará, in Northeast Brazil.  This state includes the busy, modern city of Fortaleza, known for its beaches; beautiful, forested mountains in the interior, which are filled with waterfalls in the rainy season; and a desert basin between the coast and the mountains.  His city, Sobral, is in this desert at the base of a small mountain range.  It is very hot there—they say the city has 3 suns for every person.

Favorite Place:  Roney Edler has been able to compete all around Brazil and now the US, and has also been to Lisbon, Portugal.  However, his favorite place is Jericoacoara, Ceará, Brazil.  This pedestrian-only town is in a national park.  It is known for its white sand dunes, crystal lagoons, beach sunsets (the only one in Brazil!), and party atmosphere.  Roney is organizing a camp for his students to attend this December.  Get your passports ready!

BJJ history: Roney Edler began training in 1994, and as a white and colored belt in Brazil took second place at Brazilian nationals, won Cearanse 10 times, North-Northeast, took 3rd place in PanAmericans, and won many more opens.  Unfortunately, as a purple belt, he had to stop training for nearly 8 years because of a motocross accident. As he recovered, he decided to dedicate more time to his family.  But the mats called him back, and he pushed through the discomfort of returning to training at the top level of the sport. Throughout his career, he has been able to train with the Legend Leandro Lo, Rani Yahya (champion ADCC), Jose Aldo, Renan Barrão, Isaque Bahiense, Marcio André (familia bangu), Fabio Andrade, Luan Carvalho,Tayane Porfirio, and many others.


Favorite Position: Roney Edler is a dynamic pressure passer, but when he finds himself in bottom position, he loves half guard.  He also looks for subs everywhere– he never wants to leave a decision in the hands of a referee.

Motto: 200%

Favorite thing in the US:  Roney Edler loves BBQ.  After a year in Kansas City, his favorites are Joe’s, Gates, LC’s, and Zarda, but after Saturday class you can usually find him at Herman’s Meat & Smokehous