Classes Ranging from Beginner to Advanced

We have classes for kids of all ages, adult beginners, advanced practitioners, and competitors. Kids classes use games to teach the basics. They’ll learn a lot while burning a lot of energy. Adult classes begin with a warmup, introduce several techniques, and end with “rolling”– sparring in Jiu Jitsu. Whether your goal is personal health, self defense, or to be a world champion, our program will put you on the path to success. No matter how bad your day has been, you’ll leave sweaty, happy, and ready to take on the world.

Kids Jiu Jitsu

Jiu Jitsu is for everyone, but not all ages need the same style of teaching. Our Kids program is broken into three groups: Little Samurais, ages 4-6; Warriors, ages 7-11, and Teens, ages 12-16. Each class uses a mixture of games and technique to get the best out of our students.

Little Samurais (Ages 4-6)

This is a great age to start Jiu Jitsu.  Kids this age are social, curious, and developing coordination.  Our classes will help them develop self-awareness and control, and learn to deal with frustration.  Most importantly, they’ll get a fun environment to burn out their energy– you can be sure they’ll sleep well after class!

Warriors (Ages 7-11)

These kids can handle some technical instruction, but still benefit from group games and challenges.  They’ll build patience, teamwork, and a solid Jiu Jitsu foundation.

Teens Class

This class is similar to our Adult Classes, but built for the size and strength of early teenage bodies. We still use games and challenges, but we know that kids this age can benefit from and handle the structure of a traditional BJJ class.


These classes are the most important we offer. Our Fundamentals curriculum covers the basic movements you’ll need to be successful in our other classes, and other Jiu Jitsu classes you may visit around the world. You’ll learn escapes, takedowns, attacks, and defenses, and begin to understand how Jiu Jitsu functions. During this 6-month program, you’ll gain coordination and stamina, and begin to build mental and physical armor against difficulties.

This class begins with a calisthenic warm-up that uses the basic movements of Jiu Jitsu, including rolling, hip escapes, and break falls. Next, we cover the techniques of the week; usually a takedown, a sweep or position reversal, a pass, and a submission. Finally, we’ll end the class with some situational drills, so you can test your skills. Our curriculum is carefully crafted to be sure all your bases are covered. All of our fundamentals classes cover the same material throughout the week, so you’ll get enough time to practice each skill.

We separate our beginners to give them the attention and opportunities they need to build a safe foundation. Our fundamentals students are comfortable trying movements for the first time, asking questions, and making the inevitable mistakes they will make on the way to competency. Graduation from this class is a true accomplishment that will leave you with pride, self-confidence, and the skills you need to start participating in our advanced classes.


Our advanced classes are where you’ll spend most of your time at Roney Edler Training Center. These classes are for third-degree White Belts through Black belts, so you’ll get a chance to train with students of a variety of levels. Just like our Fundamentals courses, we use a carefully planned curriculum throughout the year. So, whether you are training Gi or Nogi, you’ll get a week’s worth of classes to evolve each technique. Even better, you’ll get a chance to learn from a variety of instructors, so your understanding of each movement will grow from different explanations and perspectives.

This program includes unlimited Advanced and Nogi classes. You can train as often as you want, but we recommend coming at least 3 times a week. You’ll also be invited to our weekly Open Mat, where our students and visiting students can use our space to roll or drill techniques.

These classes are designed to teach high quality Jiu Jitsu, but you’ll learn so much more. Come and join our family.


Once you start your new BJJ lifestyle, it is not uncommon to want to compete. Competition lets you test what you know against other people your age, size, and belt level. It can be a lot of fun, but to be successful in tournaments you need competition specific training.

Our Competition track supplements our Advanced program with classes specifically tailored to situations you’ll encounter in competition. Instead of a calisthenic-style warmup, we’ll use situational drilling, grip breaking, and more to get your hearts pumping. Next, we’ll take a more detailed look into the week’s technique. This can include adding more advanced options to a position, or a conversation about the concepts behind the movement you’re working. Finally, we’ll dive into specific, high-intensity situations. For example, 20 seconds left on the clock with a tied score, or you’re losing and you need to score or submit.

As an additional bonus, in addition to all of the Advanced programs and weekly competition classes, you’ll have access to additional training for upcoming competitions. You’ll know the rules and regulations for the event and you’ll slap hands with a well-practiced game plan.

This class is tough in the best possible way. You’ll leave sweating, strong, and with a smile on your face.