Join us in Brazil this Summer!

We are excited to announce the first annual Sertão BJJ Camp, which will be held in Jericoacoara, Ceará, Brazil from June 10-16.

Camp Experience:

  • Attendees will train twice a day with Sertão Black Belts and team members, as well as other black belts local to and visiting Jericoacoara.
  • We have a special guest coming to provide seminars- more information coming soon!
  • We’ll stay in a beautiful, privately owned Pousada. This peaceful space is just on the edge of town, making the beach and amenities easily accessible but also providing a quiet space for rest.  It also provides an amazing breakfast.
  • Lunch will be provided every day and will vary from delicious seafood to Carne do Sol, a staple of Ceará.
  • A number of excursions are available, including dune buggies in the Beach Park, side trips to a beautiful lagoon, and more. (not included in camp price)
  • Beautiful sunsets on the beach every night

Jericoacoara is a pedestrian-only town in a national park.  It is known for its white sand beaches, kite surfing, and crystal lagoons.  The water is warm and clean, and the town is safe and inviting.  This is a beautiful tourist city with great food, shopping, and night life.  Train and relax for a week with the Sertão team!


Contact us for pricing information.  Flights are not included in camp price.