On December 9, 2023, we began to close out the year with our first ever belt promotions.  A number of our team members received their first colored belt- Grey and white for kids, and blue for adults.  We also promoted two orange belts and a new yellow belt.  Congrats!

While a new belt doesn’t change who you are, or make you magically better at Jiu Jitsu, it does represent time spent on the mat and a level of competency in concepts of Jiu Jitsu.  Every student’s road is different, and their Jiu Jitsu will reflect this journey.  New belts are given sometimes to push a student to rise to the occasion, and sometimes to reflect the obstacles that have been surmounted.  Whether a student is a competitor, practicing for health, fun, or confidence, a new belt is a mile marker in training the gentle art.

A number of students also received Stripes, as well as graduated into the advanced program.  Congrats to all of the students for the dedication and evolution!

Finally, we ended out the year with 25 rolls on Dec 22.  Only a few made it through the night, but everyone there pushed themselves to the max.  Remember your number- next year we’ll do even more.  We know you earned your break!

See you in 2024!